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Saturday, January 26, 2019

High Stress

It had been a week since Zach first swapped bodies with his sister, Amanda. She was desperately worried how her slacker brother would handle her high stress job, but Zach quickly found a way to adapt. He discovered on the very first day that if he just flirted a little bit with some of the guys in the office, he could get away with doing absolutely so work. It felt a little strange flirting with men at first, but he had to remind himself that he was a woman for the time being. As the days passed, he upped the ante by wearing short leather skirts of shiny red lipstick. It seemed the more he embraced a sexy, feminine, flirty image, the less actual work he had to do.

Amanda would often call to check in. Zach would try to keep things short. “I don’t know what you complain about,” He told her, “Your job isn’t nearly as stressful as you make it out to be, and everyone is extremely friendly.”

Amanda would often push for more details, but Zach always found a way to get her off the phone quickly. He was no longer worried about getting his sister fired; he was worried he was enjoying acting like this feminine stereotype a little too much.

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  1. LOL & SEXY WOW what a pic! Super beautiful. I d on't think he's too ansious to swap back!