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Monday, January 21, 2019

Juanita (Part 2)

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Juanita examined his body in a mirror. He tried to get a good look at his back side. He was still so fascinated that he was a woman now, even as part of felt like this shouldn’t be strange because he always had been a woman. Soon Juanita began to wonder what his husband would say when he arrived home to find his wife now had much more exotic features, darker skin, and black hair. And then Juanita thought of her wife back in the city as well; what was he going to tell her now that she was a woman! And, God, he didn’t want to go back to that small, one bedroom apartment -- even if it did feel like home. “Maybe my wife can live with me and my husband in this house,” Juanita thought as his mind kept bouncing back and forth between memories of Juan and those of Rita. Juan’s memories may have been slightly more dominant, but Rita’s comfortable lifestyle meant holding onto her recollections were very convenient.

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