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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Training (Part 2)

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As the days and weeks began to pass, Jack felt pretty strange about being in another student’s body, the body of a young Japanese woman named Ai. He spent many hours wondering what lesson his coach was trying to teach. He had said something about having a better team by just picking random people, but the first few games had been horrible with others inside the bodies of the football players.

Then it started to dawn on him. Maybe his coach wanted to show that they were all too dependent on the strength of their bodies and not utilizing their learned skills. He thought about the rest of the team and not one of them swapped into what he would call an athletic body. Jack had assumed from the moment he swapped with Ai that it would get crushed if he even tried to step on the field, but maybe it wouldn’t? Maybe he could just as good in her body as he would in his own. He decided he’d get back to the field and insist coach let him try.

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