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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Somewhere Exotic

Junior knew he was practically the poster child for a wealthy young man born into money. He hadn’t worked a day in his life, flashed his cash to get the attention of women, and was generally obnoxious. He was on his yacht just off the coast with a dozen beautiful women when one of them suggested going somewhere exotic. Junior smiled and let her drive the yacht as he flirted with her and often groped her.

Anna felt rather humiliated, but withstood it for hours knowing her revenge was coming soon. Sure enough as the small island appeared on the horizon, it was her time to smile. When they got close enough, the strangest thing happened, everyone on the boat swapped bodies with each other. All of the beautiful women swapped with each other, and Anna luckily swapped into Junior’s body. Junior was shocked to find himself in the body of one of the other women. Anna explained Exchange Island to him, and it’s mysterious body swapping. He demanded to leave. She explained he was no longer the one in control of this situation. Anna’s first order of business would be to call back to shore and transfer money out of Junior’s accounts to each of the women on board -- seeing as how she could voice verify the transfer right now. Then they’d spend some time on Exchange Island where Junior would be stuck in a woman’s body. Anna and all the other woman hoped he’d learn a lesson from it or treat women better afterward. Even if he didn’t, forcing him to be a woman for a while still felt like poetic justice.

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