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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Being Eve

Derek never really saw eye-to-eye with his sister, Eve. Derek was a punk guy living in a small apartment in the city, attending indie rock, metal, or underground hip-hop concerts each night while working odd jobs during the day, and he saw Eve’s life of living in the burns with a normal day job as simply a bore. Sure, he loved his sister, but he was also sure that he’d never understand her. That is, until one day he woke up in her body.

When it happened, he was in a panic. He called up his own number. She answered the phone angry at Derek -- not because of the body swap, but because she was now the one dealing with his hangover. Fortunately, she always tried to be the level-headed one and gave him instructions on getting ready and what to wear. She also reminded him to smile at work or people might think something was up.

He hated it all at first. He hated wearing her boring clothes and going to her boring job. He really hated having to put on a smile when interacting with her co-workers. The first day, he thought about getting a nose piercing or a tattoo, but he knew Eve would kill him. The days dragged at first, but at the end of the week, he was actually starting to enjoy the challenge of her job; the clothes no longer seemed so bad; and the smile was actually authentic. Derek was a little worried that he might be getting too used to being Eve. Part of him wanted to swap back now before he got too comfortable; the other part of him was hoping he’d be stuck like this for good.


  1. Even though Derek becoming more and more comfortable with his new body he wanted to make it his/her own body and not just taking over for her sister, she got a belie button ring and tong ring both hide able, she shaved herself and burned his sisters granny panties and bras only buying satin or silk Lingerie in sexy colors only buying G-string panties. After the second week she was dating her boss, very tall sexy man and she found out he was well endowed. Now Eve hated smoking and drugs but in Derek's body she got hooked with in a month The new Derek was so strung out he was lost, Eve did cry for her brother and put him in a hospital that could take care of him and she found the notes that her old self had kept and found that she had had a plan to get Derek of drugs and cleaned up but it back fired so now Eve has to take care of her brother and every time her and her husband visit the lights are on but no one is home and eve crys every time.