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Saturday, January 19, 2019


Majoring in music immediately exposed Jason to all sorts of outgoing people. In fact, despite his shy nature, he met Amy his first week of college. Amy was eccentric, creative, and very prolific. She always seemed to have some sort of crazy project going on, and nothing she did ever surprised Jason.

Midway through their senior year, she approached him with excitement in her voice. She had borrowed an odd invention from someone she knew in the engineering school. It held limitless potential by allowing two people to transmit brainwaves to each other. It could literally double the ideas in people’s heads and make both twice as prolific. She showed it to Jason because he was the most creative person she knew. He was flattered and quickly agreed.

Only once they used the device, something seemed to go horribly wrong. After activation, Jason couldn’t seem to find Amy anywhere. It took a few minutes for him to figure out that the reason why was because he was now the one in her body. Amy, along with his own body, just seemed to disappear. This was worrisome, but then he sat down at the piano. Not only was he completely at a loss for ideas on new compositions, he couldn’t even think of how to form chords properly or how to play any songs he’d ever written or ever learned! Instead of enhancing his musical ability, that odd device had instead sucked him dry and left him stuck in Amy’s body...and seemed to make Amy and his own body zap out of existence!

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  1. good story & pic.needs more parts. To me its seems now only did steal his body bnut also his talent making her even more talented.