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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nigerian scam

Ken should've known better. He had been vacationing in Nigeria when a woman came up to him. She offered him three million dollars to switch bodies with her for a day. He was suspicious for for several reasons, but she quickly produced the cash in a briefcase and a strange medallion. He was giddy when she handed him the cash and tingled when she touched the medallion to him. He freaked out the next day when he arrived where they were supposed to meet to swap back, and the woman with his body was a no-show! A messenger gave Ken a letter, stating that the woman had to flee the country with his body, but the medallion was hidden under a rock by the coast. He'd have to use it to switch into another body and meet her overseas. However, when he arrived he couldn't find no sign of the medallion! He had been scammed out of his body; just wait until he finds out the cash is counterfeit!

Figuring out what happened (Part 2)

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Franklin peered out the door of the room he was in and into the hallway. All the end of it, there was a mirror, where he could now see his new reflection clearly. He was not only a woman now, he was a beautiful one! He slowly walked down the hallway to approch the mirror. First, he put his fingers to the mirror's glass, and then to his own face. He hadn't even walked more than a few feet to explore his surroundings yet, but he was instantly distracted...

Adopted crush

The Smiths had adopted Jennifer two decades ago after a fertility doctor told them they would never have kids of their own. They felt blessed by a odd-defying pregnancy and gave birth to their son Lawrence. Throughout growing up, he had always had a crush on his big sister, and it didn't feel completely wrong--after all, she WAS adopted. Now that the two had grown up with Lawrence slated to go off to college next year, their parents had planned for one last family vacation. One evening during the vacation when their parents went out on a romantic dinner alone, Lawrence saw Jennifer in a gold bikini; she was about to head off to the pool. In that moment, he could contain himself no more and confessed all his feelings. Jennifer was speechless, frozen in shock. That's when a strange light enveloped both of them, and the next moment they were in each other's bodies. Jennifer was still speechless, but Lawrence cracked a smile before turning to look back in the mirror and then down to the gold bikini he now wore on what was now his beautiful body!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rough kiss

Carl still couldn't explain why he followed the woman in the vinyl hot pants back to her apartment; he really wished he hadn't. When she got him in the door, she kissed him...hard. But the kiss did something very strange; it swapped their bodies. The next thing he knew, his own body roughly grabbed his new arm and locked him in a room. Carl could hear voices coming from where his old body was. He leaned over to try and hear what was being said better. Maybe there'd be some explanation of what this woman had planned to do with him or why she had stolen his body!

Up in a tree

Alexander was in the park with his mother when the Great Shift hit. He was swapped with a lady in the park that he didn't know while his mom was now in his body. He immediately started goofing off, despite his mom's protest. He simply said he was the grown up now and could do anything he wanted. However, when he decided that anything included climbing a tree, he found that he was now too scared to get down.

"Help me, Mommy!" He cried, "Help me down! I'm scared, and I want to get down! I don't want to be big any more! I want to be little again!"

"Well," she responded, "I am too small to help you now, young man. You got yourself up in that tree, so you can get yourself down! NOW!"

Take You Daughter to Work Day (Part 7)

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Because his job was mostly responsible for the swap, Justin didn't have to quit just because he was now in his daughter's body. However, his co-workers were somewhat concerned with how hard he worked and how readily he volunteered to be the test subject for many experiments. He was very particular with his work though; he only involved himself with activities that he hoped would lead to a possibility of reversing the swap with his daughter. Today he was wearing a skintight suit infused with nanotechnology. The suit was supposed to project a hologram around the wearer to give them the appearance of another person. Justin had made a modifcation that would make the technology work in a way that would not just project an image, but morph his body. He was in anticipation as his co-worker stood by, waiting to simply flick a switch.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Malfunction (Part 7)

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Scott once again breathed a sigh of relief after another round of intense questioning at the lab. On his way back to the dorms, a strangely familiar girl waved to him, and he felt the need to wave back.That's when it hit him--this was Katy!

"Like, hey!" He yelled at her.

"Herro," she responded with a strange asian accent.

The two began talking, and Scott quickly became suspicious when she claimed that she was Ling. But he knew she was fibbing.

"Don't lie to me," he said looking straight into her eyes, "You're like totally Scott Drueger, super gross science geek!"

The woman's eyes went wide, "How you know!?"

"Because like so am I! My consciousness...our consciousness is in BOTH these bodies!"

Figuring out what happened (Part 1)

Franklin woke up in a strange room. There seemed to be racks of clothes all around him--but they were all female clothes! That's when he looked down to see an even bigger shock; his own body had been changed. HE was now a SHE! He surmised that the clothes on the racks would likely fit his new frame, but he was in no mood to be playing dress up; he got up off the bed so that he could explore his new location and see if he could figure out any hints as to what had happened.


It was bad enough that the Great Shift had swapped Bruce into a woman's body miles away from his home wearing a short skirt and high heels, but on top of all of that, it started to rain! He was thankful that, other than the exposed legs, this woman's body was dressed for the situation. He was also thankful that he was able to find an umbrella. He had overheard that shelters had been set up for people around town who couldn't get back to their own homes, but being quite a way from his home, he just wasn't familiar with this section of town. He'd love to just be able to get some place dry!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Transformation virus

Seven-year-old Carl was playing in the basement when a strange fog came in through the vents. He had no idea that it was a transformation virus that would change his body; he just thought it looked cool. When he breathed some in and started coughing, he was scared. When he started growing and his clothes ripped off, he was terrified. He dug through some old boxes to find his mom's old clothes that would now fit on his much larger body. He bit his lip wondering how he would go upstairs and explain to his mom and dad that he was now a full grown adult woman!

Malfunction (Part 6)

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Scott was nervous when the researchers called him back for a second time. He was unaware that a second person had since come out of the machine. He kept up the lie by claiming to be Ling. Numerous brainscans were inconclusive; they actually seemed to match a mix of Ling's and Katy's done before the test, with a variance for the unknown third. They let him go without much further questioning, but as he looked back on his way out, he could sense that they just didn't trust him.


James couldn't believe how he got himself into this situation. He was first blinded by a bright, white light that somehow switched his soul into the body of a woman. That would be weird enough, but within moments someone jumped on him from behind, put a gag in his mouth, and tied him up. The whole situation made him feel vulnerable and weak; he hated his new body already. He only hoped that the worst was over, and that he was only tied up because whoever did it wanted to rob the house and not do something awful to his brand new body...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


David Winthrop couldn't believe how much hassle this Great Shift ended up being. First, he found himself in the body of a woman! A woman! Now someone else was claiming to be him! His assets had been frozen until the two parties met for arbitration. He had just gotten out of the car and was headed to the courthouse for the first meeting. He was convinced he'd prove his identity before lunch!

The jazz singer (Part 5)

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"I'm sorry," The figure said. Christopher instantly recognized who it was. It was his girlfriend, in tears. She began to explain, "I just wished that something would happen to get you to stop eyeing up that singer. I had...I had no idea the wish would swap your bodies. You have no idea how freaked out she was to be in YOUR body. She ran out; I couldn't stop her. I tried. I have no idea where she is now. It's not like I have any idea how to swap you back either!"

"Well," Christopher thought, "This body isn't so bad, but let's try to find my body. I may need some help living this woman's life..."

Pink Kryptonite

Superman readily encountered green Kryptonite and once and a while red Kryptonite, but this was the first time he ever saw pink Kryptonite, and he wasn't liking the results! Not only had the evil mineral transformed his manly frame into that of this sexy blonde woman, but it had changed his clothes as well. He felt like a stripper! This was no way to fight for truth, justice, and the American way! He was thankful he still had his powers, in particular his super strength, otherwise he might've felt totally emasculated.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Malfunction (Part 5)

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A few more days after the experiment, the machine unexpectantly started whirring. Researchers made a quick evacuation, but were surprised at what they found when they returned--it was Katy (although a slightly less shapely version of her). The scientists in the lab were quick to question the woman. It was strange to hear a heavy asian accent coming from the white woman's lips, but she explained that she was part of the experiment, and that her name was Ling. The researchers were skeptical--both girls thought they were Ling? They were sure one was lying...

Super Bowl bet

Just thought I'd do a cap in honor of the Saints victory yesterday...

Jack thought this would be the easiest bet he ever won. His girlfriend didn't know a THING about football, but she bet him that the Saints would beat the Colts in this year's Super Bowl. He laughed! Not a chance! The wager was for "anything the other person." Jack planned all sort of wild, sexual activities that his girlfriend wouldn't normally agree to, but was crushed when the Colts lost. He grumpily asked what she wanted, and his ears picked up when she responded, "Your manhood." He smiled, thinking he was still going to get some that night, but a white light appeared on his crotch. He passed out and awoke to find that things had changed. His body was totally changed--he was a woman! He looked around the apartment that he and his girlfriend shared; it was as if he was born a girl, and his girlfriend had been born a man!

Boss's wife

This wasn't quite how Clyde had planned this, but he decided the results weren't that bad. He was tired of being pushed around at work by his boss, so he made a wish that he could be in charge of his boss for a change. He hadn't expected the wish to come true, and he certainly didn't expect it to come true like this! He had gotten woozy and was shocked to find that he had swapped bodies with his boss's wife! It seemed all she did all day was lounge around all day drinking champagne. Anything she wanted, she demanded of her husband, and she got it! Clyde couldn't wait for his boss to get home from work! This was going to be fun!

Popular (Part 6)

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When Jeremy awoke the next morning, he was pleasantly surprised to still be inside of Megan's body. He decided the first thing he'd do was pick out new glasses. The eye doctor was shocked, according to this girl's chart, she had perfect visioon. Numerous tests were done to see what could cause the rapid deterioration of vision, but it perplexed the doctor. Jeremy didn't reveal the secret--that he had swapped bodies with Megan, but still maintained his own poor eyesight for some reason. As he began to see how he looked in various frames, he asked the doctor about another possibility: contact lenses.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mechanic (Part 2)

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It didn't bother Kurtis one bit that he was a woman now. He was still the best mechanic in town, and his gender didn't change that one bit--though he did go by "Kristen" now. It was been about a month after the Shift when he finally met the woman who used to own the body that was now his. She screamed when she first saw her old body in coveralls on the ground working on a car. Kurtis approached the situation calmly. There was nothing he or anyone else could do about what happened as a result of the Shift; he didn't understand why she was freaking out. The woman considered her skin too soft to be doing manual labor; her hands too dainty. Kurtis simply stated he was never so sexist; there was nothing a man could do that a woman couldn't. He didn't need a worldwide bodyswap to know that.


The nightly routine for Frank had been the same for years. He'd enter the bathroom, turn on the light, and wash his face before changing and going to bed. But that routine came to a sudden halt when he looked in the mirror to wash his face, but the face that looked back wasn't his! It's something that most people take for granted, that the face you saw yesterday will be the same face you see today and will see tomorrow. Frank never expected his middle aged reflection to be replaced by a gorgeous 20-something year old woman! Still, the evidence was now right in front of his eyes...and reaching his hand around to feel his bottom, maybe going to bed could wait...

The jazz singer (Part 4)

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Christopher couldn't help but feel humiliated as he hid backstage. But not only that, he felt bad. He had ended up in this singer's body, and in the short time he has been inside of her body, he could have ruined her career with his own off-pitch singing. What would become of her if they switched back? Or worse...what if they didn't switch back? He wasn't even sure of this woman's name! It was then a figure entered the backstage area to speak two words, "I'm sorry..."