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Sunday, September 1, 2013

7 days (Part 9)

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Dwight felt like his brain was about to melt, and the researchers could see he was having problems. They were afraid of the results if they pushed him too hard, so the subject quickly changed. They asked what he planned to do with his first payment. Dwight struck a pose, and explained he was going to get his hair done. He was also thinking of going to a tanning salon and buying some sexier clothes. The last one puzzled the scientists. They couldn’t imagine Dwight coming in wearing sexier clothes. The jeans he wore today, for instance, were practically painted on. The men in the room actually seemed to be looking forward to Dwight’s next check in tomorrow.


  1. wickedly funny. He's losing more & more of himse;f everydy - good is the smart scientist. I wonder if she going through the same thing & if both of them will want to swap back after 7 days?

    PLS continue

  2. love it, looking forward to the next instalment