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Monday, September 9, 2013

Black hole (Part 3)

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Sam checked a few lockers, and it wasn’t long before he found one that contained a set of keys and an ID that looked quite a bit like the woman whose body he now had. There were a pair of sneakers inside, and he changed into them. They fit well enough. There was also a bra and sweatshirt inside. He struggled as he changed the bra. He was quite glad the woman had given him some privacy, or his fumbling might have given away the fact that he was really a man. He took off the shorts he wore, and attempted to grab the pants from inside the locker, but they appeared to be fused into the wall behind it. He cursed his luck, but soon found a clean pair of shorts inside the locker as well. They weren’t exactly ideal. The small stripped shorts barely covered his pants. He still felt quite exposed, but he figured they were better than nothing.

He took a seat on a piece of patio furniture that was oddly placed inside. Of course, considering that just about everything was oddly placed here, perhaps he shouldn’t think of it as odd. He started to check out his new body, examining his hands and feet with strange curiosity. He wondered what his life would now be like. He wondered where he’d go from here. He also wondered if he even had a home to return to, or if it got sucked up into something else as a result of this strange black hole incident.

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