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Monday, September 9, 2013

The coup

TG body Swap
James wasn’t the strongest undercover operative in the agency, but he was likely one of the smartest. After developing body swapping technology, he was insistent on being among the first to use it in the field. His had a simple plan to use the technology to assassinate a cruel dictator. The first step was to switch bodies with the General’s wife on her visit to Europe. It was simple enough, but he found himself captured immediately upon returning to her home country. It seemed his wife was already suspected of being part of the resistance. This did not phase James in the slightest. He had smuggled in the body swapping technology -- he had made sure it was small enough -- and he would simply swap bodies with the guard. It wouldn’t be hard to keep switching his way up the chain of command. It might be a little difficult to explain to the agency, but he was sure none of them would argue with results.

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