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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Last year, Nick went to Exchange Island and had an amazing time. He spent a week in a woman’s body and loved every minute. He badly wanted to return again this year, but he just couldn’t afford it. That’s when he saw an ad for a resort a little closer to home that promised a similar experience for a lot less money. It was perfect. Sure, the beaches were muddy, there were no waves, and the food at the hotel was terrible, but the core of the whole experience -- being in someone else’s body -- was the same. In fact, the body he got at this resort was even hotter than the one he had at Exchange Island last year! He didn’t want his time to end.

When he went to check out after his time was over, he expected to feel a tingle to return to his own body, but it didn’t happen. He began to panic. The front desk receptionist had seen in many times before. Nick hadn’t read the fine print. Yes, this resort was similar to Exchange Island, but there was one gigantic difference -- at the end of your stay, you don’t switch back. Once Nick was able to calm down and come to terms with the fact that he’d have this body forever, he realized this resort wasn’t as good as Exchange was better!


  1. New twist on exchange island! This place might soon become more popular than the original! LOL