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Monday, September 23, 2013

The gym (Part 5)

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Barney was glad when Tammi’s shift was over. He went to her locker and pulled out her purse along with clean panties, a bra, a tiny pair of shorts, and a shirt. There were some heeled shoes in there too, but Barney felt more comfortable in the sneakers he had on. He pulled out her keys and looked for an address on her license. He was a little paranoid that Tammi would be waiting for him at her house. She thankfully wasn’t. But then he thought about his own home, and the information just seemed fuzzy. He wondered if he was adjusting to being her. But then he looked down at his clothes and felt exposed and naked. He might not remember his old address, but he was still not used to this!


  1. Good story, poor girl. I wonder if ends up being a account ass more & more of their knowledhe seems in. & he eventually becomes boyh crazy nice ouch their old lives now seem fuzzy. PLS continue.

  2. I wonder if Barney kept his education or if that left along with his memory of his former address?