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Friday, September 6, 2013

Once and a while

TG Marital Swap
Jeremiah had thought that switching bodies with his wife was going to be the best experience ever. Instead of having to plead with her to wear something sexy, he could just put it on and look at himself in the mirror. However, he soon learned that looking good was a lot of work. Many of her sexier clothes needed to be dry cleaned. He learned that lesson after throwing a few of his favorite things in the wash. Then there were nylons. They just ripped so easily! Taking them on and off was such a chore! Speaking of chores, there were some corsets and other articles that were just a pain in the ass! He started to understand why his wife only wore some things only once and a while!


  1. His wife should keep him in her body until he learns to love getting dressed up, no matter how much work it