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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not a bad deal (Part 4)

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TG Caption Exchange Island
Since Al couldn’t return to his former life, the Exchange Island resort had an interesting proposition for him. He could stay on the island in his new body and have a job with the resort as Activity Director. He didn’t think he’d be qualified, but they told him that they had studied him carefully and were sure he’d be perfect. He asked for a moment to think about it. He stood in the office and smiled. He’d be living in paradise for the rest of his life as an attractive woman with a high salary. It was a fantastic deal.


  1. intertesting but with holes. What about the girl whose body that was - did she leave the island in his body? Did she want to be him?

  2. I got the impression that she left in his body and then disappeared in it. But that was just my impression. Maybe you could do another CAP with them meeting each other?