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Friday, September 20, 2013

Computer virus

Jeffrey had been underpaid for his work in the IT department for far too long. In his frustration, he developed a virus that he could use to swap bodies with anyone at the company when they turned on their computer. He maliciously installed it on the CEO’s computer remotely and waited patiently until the next reboot. It happened the next morning around 9 AM. He saw his screen light up with an alert and quickly went to work to finalize the swap. He soon found himself in the CEO’s office, but he certainly wasn’t in the CEO’s body! Of course not, that old blowhard never did anything himself. He was probably in the body of one of his secretaries. At first Jeffrey cursed for screwing up, but taking a quick look at his new leggy body, and he realized that it might not be that bad. In fact, he had heard rumors about how powerful the girls in the secretarial pool were. If he played his cards right, this could all work to his advantage.