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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dinner (Part 4)

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Over the next few nights, Andrew continued his dinner-making strategy of ordering pizza. Amanada was getting impatient. Her body should have gotten a period by now. She hoped she was just late, but she chuckled at the thought of Andrew possibly being pregnant that would REALLY teach him a lesson! However, one night in the kitchen, he seemed quieter than normal. He ate the pizza in peace, without saying a single work to Amanda. She knew her period must have begun, and he was trying to wrap his brain about it. She certainly wished he hadn’t worn white pants, but she figured a ruined pair of pants would be a small price to finally teach her husband a lesson. Yet, Andrew didn’t seem upset at all. At one point, she swore she still saw him smiling. What Andrew wasn’t telling her was that he had her period on the first day of the swap. He had powered through it like a man, with no complaints. Of course, moving from that time of the months, his new female hormones were settling down. It was all completely subconscious, but he was becoming docile and even a little bit timid, finally picking up some of the traits his wife hoped he would.

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  1. LOL! wonderful little tale. I wonder if she will eve get her body back - or even want to if she gets too used to being him? PLS continue