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Saturday, September 14, 2013


It was a month after The Great Shift, and things were starting to get back to normal for many people. Amber, however, was still having tons of trouble. This would be the first time returning to the yoga class, which is where she had been when The Shift has occurred. The class looked mostly the same, though everyone was now in someone else’s body. She had been cursing her odds ever since The Shift. She could’ve swapped with just about anyone in the class and been fine with it, but, no, she had to swap with the one dude in the class. The ONE dude! She felt so gross with that THING hanging between her legs, and his body was so inflexible and blocky. She watched her former body move with much jealousy. He looked like he was enjoying himself. He certainly got the better deal out of the swap. He now had her beautiful body! She thought she was strong enough to return to the class, return to where it all happened. But seeing her own body brought up too much pain. Within a few minutes, she ran out of the class crying, vowing to never return again.

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