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Monday, September 2, 2013


TG Body Swap
Agent 27 never revealed his real name, and his latest mission was no exception. He had assumed this one would be easy, simply transporting a case, but he had no idea so many people would be after its contents. At about the midway point, he was ambushed by a woman. Despite a rather epic hand-to-hand fight, he was in a bind once she pointed a gun at him and demanded he open the case. He refused at first, stating he was instructed not to do so. She cocked the gun and insisted. He opened it slowly and once he finished, a flash of light engulfed the two. The case contained a body swapper that was triggered by its opening. The implications for nefarious purposes seemed obvious -- no wonder so many were after it. Of course, as soon as Agent 27 discovered he was now in the woman’s body with the gun in his hands, he quickly took advantage of the upper hand. He shot his own body, closed the case, and continued on his mission to deliver it. The woman never expected the agent would shoot his own body, but Agent 27 valued the mission over his own flesh and bone. He might have some explaining to do about opening the case, but he’d ensure it got to its destination!