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Monday, September 23, 2013

Family history

Magic taxi TG Body Swap
Elle never understood why her mother hated to take cabs anytime they visited the city. She seemed downright scared of them for some reason. As Elle tried to flag one down so they could catch their train back home on time, her mother tried to talk her out of it. Mary had a good reason to not want to take a taxi, but it was a secret she had never shared with her daughter. Mary hadn’t always been Mary. It was thirty years ago, before Elle was even born. Mary had been a man named Oliver. Her male body had been stolen by a taxi driver and she spent weeks in that body before swapping with the body she now had. She met her husband shortly after and became pregnant with Elle. For years, she had avoided taxis because she feared losing her life again. She loved her husband and daughter too much. These days, she figured she was too old to be a target of the magic taxi, but her daughter certainly wasn’t. Knowing that such a taxi is out there, she didn’t want Elle to fall victim to it!

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