Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eccentric (Part 3)

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TG Body Swap
Miles glared at Amie as she headed towards the door.

“You can stay here tonight,” She told him, “But when I return tomorrow morning, I better not find you here.”

She pulled out a wallet and handed him a large amount of cash, “This is probably much more than you’ll be earning in a typical night now. You should consider this quite generous. You didn’t even have to have sex to earn this tonight. Heck, it’s probably even enough for you to take a week off.”

Miles took the money, threw it on the ground, and screamed, “Fuck you!”

Amie shrugged, “Your loss. No matter what you choose tonight. You are still stuck in my body, the body of a prostitute no one cares about. And I’m am you, a rich software engineer worth billions of dollars.

Miles continued to give Amie a cold look as she left.

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