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Friday, September 20, 2013

Detention (Part 5)

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Luke pulled his skirt down as Principal Houser adjusted his belt and left the classroom. This plan was severely backfiring, and it was hard to believe it could get any worse now. After all, he just had sex with Principal Houser! The thought was still disgusting him, and it still seems it wouldn’t have any negative consequences on Miss Chang. He wasn’t any closer to getting her fired.

Then he began to wonder if he even wanted to get her fired. After all, what if they never switched back? Maybe he wasn’t digging her hole, maybe he was just digging his own.

He stood up with a moment of confidence that was quickly destroyed by something wet dripping down his leg. He didn’t want this life! He didn’t want to be a woman! And he certainly didn’t want to be Miss Chang of all people!

1 comment:

  1. wickedly funny At last he starting to relize he might be stuck in her body & her reputationmight end up being his. I wonder how she's doing in his body?