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Saturday, March 28, 2020


By the year 2540, technology had become mundane. There wasn’t anything you couldn’t do. For instance, Xavier would look in his mirror in each morning and completely transform his look -- and that really meant a complete transformation. While most people would use the technology to appear a little younger (but still mostly themselves), Xavier took it to an extreme. Today, he decided to be a brunette woman. He didn’t have to worry about makeup, the mirror did that for him. Even his entire body was transformed by the tech. He then got into his autodresser to have the machine select an outfit most flattering to his daily body before teleporting to work.

His co-workers were certainly used to seeing Xavier show up each day looking like a completely different person. In fact, no one was really sure what he actually looked like. The only way they could tell it was him was by his still manly voice. Sure, there was tech that could change that too, but Xavier kind of like the contrast on a day like this...

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