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Monday, March 9, 2020

Building Your Case

“If you must know, Mr. Conklin, they aren’t real,” Reid Watts explained, “I was visiting a gentlemen’s club when the Great Shift occurred, and I swapped with one of the dancers. Despite your drooling over my appearance, I am still one of the best lawyers you’ll be able to get for your case -- which brings us back to the topic at hand.”

Reid continued, “Obviously, many people have had trouble claiming their lives since the Great Shift. The person in your original body claims to be unshifted, and many others have claimed to be you. Undoubtedly, they are all after your vast fortune. Luckily, the law has established many protections to ensure proper possession of assets. I even had to prove my own case first before assisting hundreds of others.

“Now, the first question is going to be about why it took you so long to come forward. Finding yourself in a remote village of a third world country certainly begins to cover that, and it looks like -- Mr. Conklin, could you please not stare at my chest like that. My eyes are up here, thank you.”

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