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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Virus: Patient Zero (Part 1)

Dedicated to those struggling and suffering in the world right now.

Nick was always an adventurer, traveling to distant places to hike, climb, and camp. On a recent trip, he explored the rainforest and was convinced he had seen things no human had before him. He was, in fact, right; however, in addition to the sights, he also contracted a virus never before known to humanity. For the first month of infection, it showed absolutely no symptoms; Nick was simply a carrier passing it on to others.

It wasn’t until he became violently ill from the virus that he became concerned. He called 911 and was rushed to his local hospital. The doctors and nurses couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Nick soon fell into a coma.

But a moment later, he was awake, but not in a way anyone could’ve ever predicted. The virus had infected a nurse, allowing the most truly dramatic advanced symptom to take hold, resulting in Nick swapping bodies with her. As he walked the halls, he wondered if he should tell the doctors. Would they even believe him? What sort of virus was this anyhow?

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