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Monday, March 2, 2020

Report to HR

After a year of working with her boss’s sexist and racist comments, Jodi finally reported Tony to HR. The next day, she noticed he wasn’t in his office. Around lunchtime, Jodi felt a hand on her shoulder, and she heard a voice say, “I came here to apologize.”

Jodi swung around in her chair, expecting to see the woman from HR. Instead she saw a woman with a face that looked remarkably like her own.

“What the hell?” Jodi asked.

“Oh, sorry, you must be very confused.” The woman said, “It’s me; it’s Tony. HR told me about the report, and then they used the DNA of you they have on file to turn me into a copy of you. And I’ve got to say I’ve learned my lesson. The way some people treated you, myself included, was completely unacceptable.”

“They told you it was me who reported you?” Jodi asked before pausing to add, “Wait, they have my DNA on file?” Then adding an additional, “They can turn you into a copy of me?”

Tony nodded, “They have everyone’s DNA. They do it for temporary learning exercises like this. At least, I HOPE it’s temporary.”

1 comment:

  1. LOL! A little drastic/Clever& original. Iwonder if Jodi somehowgets turned into him? LOL!