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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Apartment

Jason wasn’t sure what caused him to pass out, but he awoke in an unknown apartment. He explored around a little, noting that the single bedroom inside appeared to belong to a woman. It wasn’t until he was out on the balcony that he noticed the biggest change. In fact, as he looked down at the large orbs on his chest, he wondered why he hadn’t noticed it earlier.

It was clear that he had swapped into a woman’s body -- probably the person who lived in this apartment. But how?

He saw a phone stuffed into the sportsbra. Maybe the internet had some answers? He hoped her phone didn’t have a password! Luckily, it seemed to be set to recognize her fingerprints, and he began to read articles being written about something being called “The Great Shift.” It appears he wasn’t the only one to find himself in a new body today...

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