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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Enjoying a Vacation

Teleportation pods were installed in about half a dozen places at first, but within a short time period there were hundreds all over the globe (and a few on the moon and Mars as well). It was simple, you sat in an object that looked like a chair, type in your destination along with your departure and return time into the keypad on the armrest, then the pod would get to work. It would search for another pod at the location specified, once two people matched, it would transmit each person’s brain into the other’s body. This allowed for instant transit across many miles.

Of course, there was no guarantee about the body you’d end up in. Byron was using the teleportation pods for the first time and was a little surprised to find himself in a woman’s body. He was probably a foot shorter, over a hundred pounds thinner, and pasty white. He chuckled to himself imagining this woman now that she was an overweight, balding black man. He was enjoying this vacation already.

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