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Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Virus: Patient Zero (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
Nick didn’t spend much longer in the hospital. Figuring he wasn’t really equipped to help out as a nurse (despite looking the part) nor did he care much if he was fired (not his body, not his problem), leaving seemed to be the best option. He did check up on his former body before he left. The doctors seemed to be having quite a commotion about his body’s brain patterns; they seemed to be very different all of a sudden. Nick realized why, but he didn’t feel like speaking out.

He spent the next few days alone in the nurse’s apartment, trying to isolate himself, hoping whatever body swapping disease he seemed to have would just go away. It didn’t. Within a week he found himself in yet another different body, this time a blond woman. He didn’t get sick first this time -- so presumably this woman was fine enough in the nurse’s body. But how did he possibly infect her? Then he looked at his reflection; she seemed familiar. But he hadn’t run into her in the last few days or even at the hospital. It was earlier back when he was a guy, back when he felt perfectly fine. He had hit on her at the grocery store. It hadn’t been too long before he felt sick though...

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