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Sunday, March 29, 2020


Evan approached the young woman in the bar, trying his best moves to get her into bed. She scoffed but made him an offer. If he could beat her in billiards, he could do whatever he wanted to her body. If she one, he had to leave and never see her again forever. Evan figured this was a pretty good bet, and began gloating as soon as he cleared the table.

Evan was smirking, but the woman’s smile seemed downright devilish. The next moment, Evan collapsed onto the pool table. He awoke feeling quite strange.

“Congratulations on winning the bet,” He heard a familiar voice say, “True to my word, you can now do whatever you want with my body.”

Evan soon realized the reason the voice was so familiar -- it was his! But how? Then Evan began to notice he had swapped bodies with the woman.

“Turn us back!” He shouted.

“No way. A deal’s a deal. Now that you are me, you can literally do anything you want with that body. A nice side effect is that I can do whatever I want to yours. As a bonus, I also get my prize as I make my exit and never have to see you again.”

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