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Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Virus: The Researchers (Part 1)

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Once people began to swap bodies, the public began to panic. Everyone wanted answers. Scientists brought answers as soon as they could. Jim worked as one such lab. He traced the swapping back to a virus. Others on his team started piecing together how it worked. The virus was highly airborne. It would infect a host, grabbing vital pieces of DNA from that host. Then that person would transfer it to a second host. That second host would have to reinfect the original host with their own DNA. The virus would then attack the brain, essentially swapping the two hosts brains. Only a few people showed symptoms besides swapping, and a person only seemed contagious well before swapping. No individual could seemingly swap more than three times, no one seemed to be immune, and nothing seemed to prevent the passing of the disease.

In fact, after about two weeks of working in the lab, even Jim fell victim when he swapped with his fellow researcher, Yi Ji. It aligned with their theory that the first swap was always someone in close physical proximity. Despite his now female body, Jim knew he had to focus to get as much work done as possible. There was no telling with who or when he’d swap next. He had to squeeze in as much work as possible before it happened.

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