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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Internship Program

No one at the company could understand why Jack Greyson was so interested in the intern program this year. As a CEO, Jack was well above micromanaging the selection process for interns, yet he had asked for names, pictures, and profiles for all candidates. He even personally selected six that he demanded be offered an internship. Many suspected with his advanced age that Jack was going crazy. On the interns first day, they received a tour, which Jack interrupted. Jack ended up showing the young college students around the offices, but in the middle of it, he dropped dead on the office floor. Doctors were rushed in, the interns were rushed out. But it was too late. Jack was dead. Or was he?

It would be a few days later when the will was discovered. It seemed Jack left his entire fortune to a young woman named Shannon Callaghan, one of the interns he had selected. Everyone was puzzled...except for Shannon, or perhaps she should be called Jack.

He had planed it all. He had discovered the secret of immortality; he had just needed to find a few host. The intern program was perfect for this. He made his choice and prepped his will. Then it was just a matter of having his soul leave his own body and take over Shannon’s. It all worked out perfectly, and he couldn’t be happier to be a pretty, young college junior with a multi-million fortune.

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