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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Worst Day So Far

It had been two days after his eighteenth birthday when Jim’s dad showcased his new invention that resulted in Jim swapping bodies with his own mom. The week after that had been tough, but today was especially bad for Jim. He arrived at the football field a half hour before practice ended; it was early enough to see how things were going, but not so early as to seem like he was just there for pick up time. He was actually surprised to see how well his mom was doing out there. He had hopes in the back of his head that she’d be screwing it all up. It would’ve made the news he had to tell her that much easier. She was doing great in his body while he was doing terrible in hers. In fact, he had done so bad at her job today that he had gotten her fired. It wasn’t going to be easy to tell her. Of course, it got even worse when they both got home and their dad had even worse news. He wasn’t going to be able to fix the body swapping machine for at least several months. Jim and his mom would be stuck in each other’s bodies.

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  1. LOL! OUCH! nice touchthat she's doing weoo in football.