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Monday, March 23, 2020

The Virus: The Researchers (Part 3)

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Jim couldn’t wait to swap for the final time. He was in communication with the team of researchers every day, cheering on their progress. After two days, Yi Ji swapped for her final time, but Jim was still waiting. Finally, six weeks later it happened. He was most thankful to get his sight back, and the first thing he did was look down to see a shapely body in a little black dress and tall heeled boots. It didn’t matter. He just needed to call the lab to tell them he was going to start coming in again...but where was the phone? He couldn’t find one anywhere.

Then a burly man came in. Jim was relieved. He explained his job as a researcher studying the virus.

The man just scoffed, “You ain’t got no job as a researcher. You work for me. Now you better stop playin’, Honey, because you got a client.” Jim had a feeling he was in a bad situation and would not be able to convince this man to help him...


  1. He lucked out with the body, but the situation is bad. No was the Boss will let an "earner" like her out of his sight.