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Monday, March 30, 2020

Not Dreaming

When Ronald first woke up on that March morning, he thought he was still dreaming. It was, after all, the most likely explanation. He was in a fancy hotel room he had never seen before, but the more obvious indication that he was dreaming was the fact that he now had the body of a woman.

It all felt so real -- probably more real than any dream he could recall. Maybe all dreams felt like this, and they didn’t feel like a dream until he woke up. Of course, that was his initial course of action, to try to wake up. Nothing seemed to work, so instead he grabbed a bottle from the room’s fridge and started drinking.

He honestly couldn’t remember feeling drunk in a dream before either, but it was happening this time. Speaking of which, shouldn’t something more be happening if this was a dream? Otherwise, it would seem to be a boring one. Then again, what if he wasn’t dreaming?

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