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Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Virus: The Researchers (Part 2)

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While in Yi Ji’s body, Jim worked long hours, continuing to make discoveries about the virus -- though they were still a long way from a cure of a vaccine. When he finally had his second swap a few days later, he was glad he did. The world went completely blurry. He could tell he was still a woman by the way his body felt, but he guessed he was just a little bit older than Yi Ji. The woman wore gloves and a mark -- though Jim knew those did little to prevent the virus, many in the public still wore them in an attempt to ward it off.

He knew hie eyes were open, but he couldn’t really make out anything. He could tell where lights were. He could maybe see a shadow of movement or perhaps the color of something if it put it a mere inch or so from his face. But he knew this condition, he was blind. He knew he wouldn’t be able to help in the lab like this. He was sure he could adapt, but it would take a while to learn. And before he could do all that, he was likely to swap again. He only hoped it would be into a body that would be able to continue the research without impediment.

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