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Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Ever since he turned forty, Mark’s wife had been urging him to workout more and to get in shape. Mark did try a few times, but it always seemed to go the same way. He’d go the gym for a day or two, then give up for months at a time. His wife would pester him again, then he’d give it another go. It was just so hard to stay motivated.

Then The Great Shift gave his workout routine a shot in the arm. Suddenly, he was swapped into a new body -- about twenty years younger than this own. It was a lot more fit and had a lot more energy; it also happened to be female. Suddenly, however, it seemed he now had the motivation to workout much more frequently. He went to the gym for an hour every day, and he often found himself workout out at home, finding his new body could stretch in such wondrous ways.

His wife looked on in jealousy. He found herself in a new body as well. While it was about the same age as her previous one, it was also significantly heavier by at least 100 pounds. She now understood why Mark was so unmotivated earlier. It was just so hard to start.

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