Saturday, April 4, 2020

Happy to Help

Despite many advances in medical technology, humans were still subject to many dangers. One could still suffer in an accident, and it seemed diseases continued to take humanity off guard from time to time. A recent pandemic had doctors scrambling, and as they treated patients they too often felt ill. Luckily, most of these doctors were young and healthy; their bodies would likely recover. However, they’d be unable to work while infected. That is, until one hospital had the idea to utilize recent body swapping technology. There was a call for volunteers to swap with sick doctors in order to keep them on the front lines. Brian quickly stepped up.

They rushed him in quickly and swapped him with a sick doctor immediately. Before Brian could ask any questions, he saw his own body rush by a nearby window to help patients.

Brian was alone in the room, quarantined. It didn’t take him long to realize the doctor he had swapped with was a woman. He waited for a while before a voice explained how he would safely get home to avoid further transmission. He was also told he would likely only be mildly sick, but to contact the hospital if things got worse. He’d be stuck in this body for the next two or three weeks. Brian was just happy to be able to help those on the front lines of fighting this virus.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Odd Jobs

When Derek first discovered the odd box that could transform his body into anyone else in the world with just a single photo, he didn’t know quite what to do with it. Then one day it hit him. For a sizable fee, he’d transform himself into anyone and do anything someone wanted (with some ground rules). His inbox quickly filled up with so many requests. He’d pick one out at random and schedule them. There were some ones that felt weird at first.

For instance, there was one guy who asked Derek to transform himself into an ex-girlfriend, then Derek had to pretend to marry the guy. The ceremony was elaborate, the guy’s family was there, the food was good. The whole thing actually ended up making Derek smile. He enjoyed being the center of attention, and he literally had a good time.

In hindsight, Derek realized the guy probably had sinister motivations. There was photo and video evidence that a woman who looked EXACTLY like his ex-girlfriend married him. Maybe he used it in court or some other nefarious purpose to trap her. He tried not to think about the weird consequences of his business as he pulled out another name at random to earn another hefty fee.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Woman's Place

A few days had passed since Aja swapped bodies with her chauvinistic husband. She still couldn’t figure out how it happened, but he told her they couldn’t afford any more sick days, so she’d have to go to work in his place. It was difficult for her. She didn’t know exactly how to do his job, but with a few calls home, she got through the day.

The odd part was when Aja got home and saw her husband in the kitchen. He was preparing dinner and seemed genuinely happy about it. He beamed when he told her the food would be ready in just a few minutes.

Aja couldn’t shake it. Shortly before the swap he had been telling her about how a woman’s place was in the kitchen, and now that he was the wife, he seemed right at home at the stay-at-home wife. Could he have been behind the swap?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


“If it makes you feel any better, you look quite nice today, Jack.”

“Gee, thanks,” Jack said sarcastically, “I guess it feels good to know that I’m managed the skills of making a forty-something year old woman to look good enough to please my dad.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Jack’s father sighed, “It hasn’t been easy for me in your sister’s body either. It hasn’t been easy for anyone in this post-Great Shift world. I was honestly trying to relay a message from your mom. She’s having a hard time in your body, you know. She misses the woman she was. She’s glad to see you adapting well enough, and she likes seeing her old body, well, look nice.”

“Yeah, whatever, ” Jack mumbled under his breath, cracking a little bit. He did have a soft spot for his mom. But he was still a stubborn nineteen year old at heart. He just couldn’t show it, not even now that he was a forty year old woman.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Ever since he turned forty, Mark’s wife had been urging him to workout more and to get in shape. Mark did try a few times, but it always seemed to go the same way. He’d go the gym for a day or two, then give up for months at a time. His wife would pester him again, then he’d give it another go. It was just so hard to stay motivated.

Then The Great Shift gave his workout routine a shot in the arm. Suddenly, he was swapped into a new body -- about twenty years younger than this own. It was a lot more fit and had a lot more energy; it also happened to be female. Suddenly, however, it seemed he now had the motivation to workout much more frequently. He went to the gym for an hour every day, and he often found himself workout out at home, finding his new body could stretch in such wondrous ways.

His wife looked on in jealousy. He found herself in a new body as well. While it was about the same age as her previous one, it was also significantly heavier by at least 100 pounds. She now understood why Mark was so unmotivated earlier. It was just so hard to start.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Not Dreaming

When Ronald first woke up on that March morning, he thought he was still dreaming. It was, after all, the most likely explanation. He was in a fancy hotel room he had never seen before, but the more obvious indication that he was dreaming was the fact that he now had the body of a woman.

It all felt so real -- probably more real than any dream he could recall. Maybe all dreams felt like this, and they didn’t feel like a dream until he woke up. Of course, that was his initial course of action, to try to wake up. Nothing seemed to work, so instead he grabbed a bottle from the room’s fridge and started drinking.

He honestly couldn’t remember feeling drunk in a dream before either, but it was happening this time. Speaking of which, shouldn’t something more be happening if this was a dream? Otherwise, it would seem to be a boring one. Then again, what if he wasn’t dreaming?

Sunday, March 29, 2020


Evan approached the young woman in the bar, trying his best moves to get her into bed. She scoffed but made him an offer. If he could beat her in billiards, he could do whatever he wanted to her body. If she one, he had to leave and never see her again forever. Evan figured this was a pretty good bet, and began gloating as soon as he cleared the table.

Evan was smirking, but the woman’s smile seemed downright devilish. The next moment, Evan collapsed onto the pool table. He awoke feeling quite strange.

“Congratulations on winning the bet,” He heard a familiar voice say, “True to my word, you can now do whatever you want with my body.”

Evan soon realized the reason the voice was so familiar -- it was his! But how? Then Evan began to notice he had swapped bodies with the woman.

“Turn us back!” He shouted.

“No way. A deal’s a deal. Now that you are me, you can literally do anything you want with that body. A nice side effect is that I can do whatever I want to yours. As a bonus, I also get my prize as I make my exit and never have to see you again.”