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Monday, June 10, 2024


“Greg Cooper! Greg Cooper! You must open the forcefield!”

Greg could recognize the voice -- it was his own -- but everything else looked very strange. It was distorted and off-color. “What’s happening?” He asked, noting he now had a strangely robotic and feminine voice, which he also could recognize. “Zeyvla?” He added, “Why am I in your body?”

“Maybe it’s an attack! Or a sabotage! Please, just lower the forcefield and let me in! I need to be at my position at the controls! Things could get so much worse!”


“’No?’ What do you mean ‘No?’ You need to let me in! It could be the difference between life and death!”

“Everyone swapped bodies, right? So I know I’m really Greg, and I’m in Zeyvla’s body...but how do I know YOU are really Zeyvla in MY body? I can’t make out these controls with her Zyxian eyes, and seem confident to take over using my human eyes? It doesn’t add up. If something was wrong, there would be a warning sound -- despite being in Zeyvla’s body, my hearing is fine. But if I powered down the forcefield, it’s linked to the shields. YOU are the invader! But why not swap into Zeyvla’s body directly? Why use me as an intermediary?”

“You don’t understand!”

“No, I think I understand perfectly..”

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