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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Extended Offer

Angela had only discovered she was pregnant a few days before the Great Shift. Her and her husband were overjoyed; they had almost given up on having children after many failed attempts. They also realized this was probably their last chance of having a child, given their age.

The Shift’s body swapping didn’t offer them any additional hope; they ended up swapping bodies with a pair of neighbors around their own age. If anything, the problems were now compounded as a college student named Jim was now in Angela’s body.

Angela begged and pleaded with him to keep the baby and give birth for them. She offered him a lot of money and gifts to do so, and to treat him properly during the pregnancy. At the eight month mark, she couldn’t wait for him to keep birth. He was so demanding on shopping trips, always asking for more. Angela would always comply, not wanting to risk him doing anything dangerous to the baby inside his body.

Of course, Jim had gotten used to having his every need and more met; he didn’t want to give that up easily. He made a suggestion one shopping trip. “I’ve been reading a lot of mom books and stuff,” He said, “You know, they say the best thing for a baby is lots of breast feeding for the first few months. I’m just sayin’ I have two ample sources of the stuff here that I might be willing to help out with...for a price.”

Angela had read similar things. She cringed as she looked at her body with Jim’s masculine body language. She wanting nothing more than to be rid of Jim forever, and yet she was still seriously considering his offer....

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