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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Catch and Release

“Myrtle! What the hell are you doing?” Dirk shouted from the river bank, “That damned fish could talk! We could’ve sold it for a lot of money! Or at least we could’ve eaten it!”

“It also said it could grant wishes,” Earl added, “That’s probably a think we could take advantage of.”

“It could grant ME a wish. I caught it, and I released it. If either of you want a wish, you need to catch it yourself.” The woman in the river replied.

“Well, what’dya wish for?” Dirk asked, “Did’ya wish for money? I don’t exactly feel any richer.”

Merle knew he couldn’t tell Dirk or Earl his wish. They’d never understand. Heck, for years he’d wished to be a woman and never told them. They would’ve hurls all sort of slurs and insults in his direction; they’d probably never speak to him again. But when the magical fish offered a wish? Well, he wished to become Myrtle and that it would be like he had always been Myrtle. The fish seemed to understand Merle’s pain and happily granted the wish on its release.

“You just both have to trust me,” Myrtle said, “It was worse before. Even if things seems terrible; you just have to trust me that it was worse before, okay?”

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