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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Summer Concert

When it started to rain at the outdoor concert, few ran for shelter. The lightning that came next stopped the show, but simply elicited boos from the crowd instead of a rush to the exits. But then the lightning began to do strange things, striking the crowd and swapping bodies. And that’s when people started to panic.

James had been trying to walk out orderly when he was pushed by a woman who had been running. They both fell into the now muddy field when the lightning hit them.

James had expected to experience some sort of electric shock or feel something from the swap; instead it was the pain of the fall that he felt the most. The softness of the mud prevented any open wounds, but he was sure he was going to have some bruises, especially as the woman now in his body was lecturing him about how she bruised easily.

James looked as he old face, and cracked a smile before bursting out laughing. Watching his former body carry itself in a feminine manner was actually amusing him. Then he began to check himself out. It made him laugh more. It was probably a typical concert outfit a woman to wear, but he still couldn’t believe he was the one wearing it -- black leggings, a pink top, she probably used to have shoes, but they seemed to have gotten lost when she tripped.

Of course, James’s laughter really enraged the woman in his body, but he still couldn’t stop himself.

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