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Monday, June 3, 2024

Spells 'R Us 2.0 (Part 2)

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After sharing information with Elena, Connor spent the next several hours thinking about the life he was going to be stuck with for the next few months. He mostly wandered the halls of the mall, as he didn’t want to go back to Elena’s home. She was just a few years older than he was, but still lived with her parents. She had a crappy minimum wage job that made him wonder why she even bothered to reach for the expensive tablet.

He did his best to avoid thinking too negatively about the life he was stuck with, but he still blamed her for the swap. If she just hadn’t tried to fight him while reaching for that tablet, none of this would have happened!

What may have been worse was thinking about the life he wouldn’t have for the next few months. He’d miss out on a piece of his college education, a gleeful time in the dorms and attending parties!

And, of course, as he walked, the fact that he was now a woman sunk in as well. He could tell he was holding himself and walking differently. And then there were the comments. Rude jerks would just hit on him. It’s what eventually drove him to finally leave to go back to Elena’s place. Of course, he had to take the bus! Ugh!

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