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Thursday, June 6, 2024


Keith had gone to the clinic on his wife’s suggestion. Sheila had heard about a new treatment that was recommended for all men over 40, and she urged Keith to talk to someone about it. He had entered the building where the clinic’s office was on the third floor, and Sheila waited outside.

The whole process was weird and rushed, but Keith had to admit that he felt great afterward. He stepped out of the building to see his wife waiting.

“You were right.” He said to her, “Best decision I ever made! I feel great.”

Sheila didn’t recognize this person. “Who are you?” She asked Keith.

“It’s me. Your husband!”

“Look, Lady, I don’t know why you are trying to mess with me, but you are clearly NOT my husband.”

“Of course I am! I just went in for that procedure and they...” Keither finally noticed his manicured nailed and the stylish pink pantsuit he now wore, “...And they turned me into a woman! Oh, God! Of course you don’t recognize me! But it’s me, Sheila! It’s me!”

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