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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Genius (Part 3)

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According to the website, the place where his mom had gone had a strict dress code, so Martin had to change again -- this time into a dress, which was even worse than his mom’s work clothes. He had also assumed his mom had gone to a fancy restaurant or something, and he was very surprised when he showed up and it was actually a loud night club.

Martin hated the blaring music; he hated the crowd; but he knew he had to find his mom. His random searching didn’t turn up anything, so he had to build up his courage and actually talk to people. He had trouble describing himself, and his social awkwardness still was difficult to push through. But after about an hour, he learned his body had moved to another club in town.

In fact, it seemed she was bouncing all over, taking full use of her single night of youth. Of course, Martin was worried they were running out of time. If he didn’t find her soon, it wouldn’t just be this one night.

After the fifth or sixth club, he finally gave up. It was already too late. He drove home realizing he would be stuck in his mom’s body for the next two years.

When he pulled up, his mom’s car was already in the driveway. The true horror of it all set in. Not only would they be stuck as each other, but if he hadn’t run off to try to find her, she might’ve been back in time to swap back. Now he had to break the news.

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