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Friday, June 21, 2024

Monstrous Results

When Desmond first found the magic spell book, it was like a godsend. With it, he generated fabulous wealth for himself. The shy and nerdy young man was finally able to move out of his parents’ house and into his own place -- and not just any place, a fancy mansion with a huge backyard.

And as time passed, Desmond wondered if the book could bring him just as much success with love as it had with wealth. Spells to increase his own charisma or coerce someone to love him didn’t seem possible. But creating a girlfriend using the book? Well, that certainly seemed within the rules!

After speaking various incantations, Desmond looked around to see where his new girlfriend might be. Instead, he began to feel a sharp stabbing pain throughout his body. He soon realized he must have read something wrong. He hadn’t created himself a girlfriend; he had turned himself into a woman! But he hadn’t even gotten THAT quite right, as he also seemed to have some rather monstrous traits like pointed ears and sharp teeth coming up from his lower jaw. He felt a rage and anger like nothing he have ever felt, and he was having trouble containing it. He wanted to rip the book to shreads, but he knew it was also his only hope of getting back to normal, so he continued to read...

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