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Saturday, June 22, 2024


It was like waking up after a very long sleep. James didn’t know what was going on. He gasped for breath as he sat up and emerged from a pool of water he had apparently been in; there were all sorts of computers and electronic equipment around him. Then there was his body. This couldn’t possibly be his body! He was a man, and this body was certainly female.

Had his mind been placed in this body using this strange tank and equipment? Then again, maybe he was originally a woman, and all these electronics were some sort of dream chamber that had allowed him to imagine his life as James. Maybe he had been kidnapped and all this stuff had transformed him into a woman. He had no answers, and it seemed there was no one around to ask.

He stood up, detached wires from his body (What if this body wasn’t even human? What if it was some sort of synthetic made to look human?), then he began walking around. But there wasn’t another soul around. There were other rooms, but all the other tanks seemed empty. He wasn’t getting any answers anytime soon...

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