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Tuesday, June 4, 2024


“Stop! Please stop!” Trevor shouted, but he wasn’t quite sure what voice he was shouting with. He had woken up in the middle of some sort of experiment that he was being subjected to, and it seemed to be exchanging his mind with a young woman named Hayley. He wasn’t even sure how that name popped into his head as he had no ideawho this woman was!

“I suggest you both sit still,” The mad scientist conducting the experiment said flatly.

“No! I won’t let you do this!” Trevor protested, this sure he was pretty sure he was speaking out of Hayley’s mouth with her voice.

“Trust me, it’s worse if you don’t let me finish. Once I am done, yes, your brain will be in the wrong body, but at least you will be sure of who you are. But if I stop now? Or if you try to cut things off early? Well, your minds will be a mess of confusion. Your head will be filled with contradictory thoughts, memories, and emotions. At the same time, there’s no telling what things you might be missing completely. You aren’t my first test subjects. The ones who weren’t fully transferred all went totally insane.”

“But I don’t want to be Trevor...I mean, Hayley!” Trevor shouted. He knew what was going on was wrong, but for the moment he was (perhaps fortunately) unable to feel anger or panic. It was as if those emotions had be taken from him. It was also a moment of clarity. As much as he hated that this was happening to him, being stuck in a state like this would be far worse. And so he settled in to prepare himself to fully become Hayley. Or maybe he was Hayley and had to prepare to become Trevor?

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