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Monday, June 24, 2024


There hit a point when Derek’s pool hustle stopped working. Everyone in town knew him, and even if he threw a game beforehand, no one would ever place a bet against him. He knew he needed a new angle.

That’s where his sister Emma helped out.

Early on Friday evenings, they would use one of those illegal swapper devices to switch bodies. He’d head out to a bar, hustle some patrons at the pool table, and then split the winnings with his sister before they swapped back.

The scheme was even more successful, as Emma seemed even more unlikely to be a billiards expert. Her body screamed “school librarian” much more than “pool hustler.” He found that with her body, people not only fell for his swindle once, but multiple times! And all he had to do was spend a few hours each week in the body of his own sister!

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