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Sunday, June 23, 2024

AI (Part 2)

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The electrical surge had corrupted the data, so Roger could never figure out how to recreate the surge. He just had to learn to adapt to being in the body of an android. The first few days were certainly a unique experience, Roger and XC worked side-by-side to upgrade various parts of his body. Perhaps most notably, his face was more detailed now and more feminine. Roger pushed for realistic synthetic skin, so he could leave the house, but XC seemed to have other ideas.

She began to complain about how often her human body got exhausted, and offered a solution. Since Roger now had her android body, he could accomplish things like cooking and cleaning without ever getting tired. Roger realized this was technically true but protested, because he wanted to prioritize work to either get back to his own body or (at least) be able to pass as human. XC simply explained her advanced AI was still intact now that she was in Roger’s body, and she could do all that better and quicker than him as a result, even with the limitations of the fact that she now had his human body.

And so Roger resigned himself to chores. He looked at the meal he was making. He couldn’t smell it; he couldn’t taste it. His hands were still more clumsy than he was used to and often spilled it. Maybe he would ask XC if she could find a way to improve his dexterity. Somehow he felt like that was something she might be able to put effort into and get done. He was pretty sure she had forgotten about the skin she promised. He was also convinced that she was having too much fun in his human body to ever care about finding a way to swap back. Little did he know exactly how right he was...

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