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Sunday, June 2, 2024

The Prison

Daniel never knew why he was arrested and sent to the prison. He was never given a trial, and he had doubts that he would ever get one. Guards were minimal and security was basically automated. The only people he ever saw were when they conducted tests. It was often random serums or drugs they’d make him take. One time they pierced a needle into his skull that caused his arms and legs to flail.

For this latest test, he was brought into a room where a woman was strapped to a chair begging and screaming, telling them not to do it. After Daniel was strapped into a chair next to her, they activated a machine. Daniel awoke back in cell some time later. It appears the machine in this latest experiment caused him to swap bodies with the woman.

He felt small and weak. He was nervous about what would happen when he saw another male prisoner. He knew he’d be targeted for violence...or worse. He felt angry. With little other outlet, he punched a wall. To his surprise, not only did punching the wall not hurt, he nearly succeeded in punching a solid concrete!

Looking at the door, he focused all his strength and punched it. The metal shattered; the lock destroyed. He wasn’t sure how this petite woman had this amazing strengh -- and Daniel considered that the prison swapped his body with hers in the hopes of taking it from her and having him never find out about it -- but he planned to use it. He decided not only to escape, but help bust as many other people out as he could. And if they tried anything instead of accepting his help? He’d knock ‘em out in one blow.

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